Parents Name Their Kids After Car Companies-Mercedes-Lexus

Baby Naming After Car Companies


As Kayne West’s College Drop out song goes, “She couldn’t afford the car so she named her daughter a Lexus, huh!”, naming kids after coveted car brands or models is not a new practice. You might have probably have heard about a person named after a car. This may sound quite odd to many ears but there are some parents who would prefer to give their child a name of their favorite car. Other parents name their kids after a car if the particular vehicle reminds them of unforgettable experience in their life. Though naming babies after cars is a decades-long trend, it is still used today by parents inspired by cars.


Some parents can give their kids car names that coincide with a particular event. For instance, most babies in U.S. named after cars have names like “Lincoln Mercedes”. Lincoln was the American president until his assassination in 1865 while Mercedes car inception was in 1886. Mercedes is the name that that super talented actress in glee was called, its a popular name in part because of the Luxury Connotations that the Mercedes Brand brings.


Car-culture is taking up on many people and some parents inspired by cars don’t find it hard to give their boy child or girl child the name of a luxury automotive brand. Car models also inspire car fanatics to name their kids. For instance many boys share the name Cooper while Genesis is a name popular used in naming in girls. Luxury car naming is popular because of the idea of luxury and elitism. Well with that elitism, is higher expense in auto parts for the car owners, but for the parents in this scenario, the expectation naming your kid Mercedes is that they might have to live up to a certain image or expectation. So this practice can be damaging to a child unless proper limits are set.


Luxury and car value have long been appreciated by car fans. Some parents also use names of high-end cars to name their babies even if they don’t own a car by the particular brand or model. Some people name kids after cars with alot of style, other name kids after cars with large engines and horse power to spare. Rolls-Royce is a car associated with the powerful but interestingly; Royce is a name that many boys go by compared to girls. Other popular brands that are considered valuable which still promote some baby naming include Infiniti and Lexus. Alexis is a baby name derived from Lexus.


Another popular brand that has crossed into baby names is Bentley. Many kids go by this name maybe because it’s nice to pronounce and also a popular car brand name used by one of the MTV’s stars show “Teen Mom” for her infant. Some people just want to use a certain name for their kids because it is used by a celebrity. A good case is the MTV’s baby’s name a few years back that saw many young parents give their kids a similar name.


Though there are many auto starts, parents rarely take up the new car models names for babies. Car brand names that have a market impact are the ones parents are choosing for their babies.


There are many reasons why parents want to name their kids after car brands or models. Whatever the reason, baby naming is a parents’ decision which should be carefully made because babies are not capable of deciding their names when they are born. The name you choose for your child can be used to determine the kind of parent you are and can also have an impact on your child’s life.


Maybe baby naming after cars could promote sales. If that were the case, auto makers that have stuck to their old names could benefit from the free advertising while luxury brands that have taken the trend of adding numbers and letters to their model names would have nobody to run their complex names additions around.


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