How I Stayed Organized And Moved My Family After Just Having My Third Baby

Motherhood is, indeed, very challenging yet fulfilling. There are times that you just want to cry because you cannot handle anymore the pressure of little ones running around the house. But at the end of it all, you can just sit down and enjoy the beautiful noise of your children. I can say that the most challenging, as to date, is when I just had my third baby and then we moved to another place. My body is still recuperating from the 9-month pregnancy period and the pain of delivery. There are still sleepless nights since my third baby is still a few months old – and then, boom, we have to pack things and transfer to our new home.


With this experience, I learned that getting organized plays a very helpful factor in making things easier. Here are some of the things I learned about the importance of organizing especially to a nursing mother like me:


  • It is very important that you have a daily plan. You can write it down in your journal so that you have proper guidance. Moving to another place is not easy especially when you still have a baby to take good care at. What I did is to write things down that needed to be done in a day. Packing things per area in the house was done in scheduled manner. Like for example – Monday was for the master’s bedroom, Tuesday and Wednesday were for the kitchen stuffs, Thursday was for the children’s bedroom, and Friday until Sunday was for the garage. In this way, I still have lots of time to spend for my baby every day while not missing the important things that needed to be accomplished for our moving out.


  • Proper budgeting. Moving to a new place and having a baby entail a lot of expenses. Hence, it is important that you budget your money. I always prioritized the daily needs of my family above the financial budget needed in moving out from our old house and, then, move-in to our new home.


  • Seek assistance. Since my husband travels a lot for his job, I sought assistance from other people in packing our household stuff. I had two relatives who stayed with me from the time we were packing our household things until rearranging our stuffs at our new house. Their presence and assistance really helped me a lot in balancing between household tasks and taking good care of my baby.


Meanwhile, the safety and well-being of my children have always been my priorities despite my busy schedule. I make sure that they are well and in good health condition. I see to it that I give them enough attention despite that I am busy for our moving out. Also, I make sure that I am healthy and in good physical state. I have to be healthy and free from sickness so that I can perform my household plans and, at the same time, nurture my children especially my youngest child who is still a baby.



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