Why Serta Mattresses?

The Serta mattress company had been in existence for over 75 years and has been providing good products to help people sleep better. It has therefore won some accolades to its name but has not stopped awing us with the good inventions meant to make people happy, well rested and healthy. The Serta Mattress Company is rated as one of the best mattress making companies in the U.S if not the best. The Serta Company has several products to its name which are; the Serta Perfect sleeper, the Serta iComfort and the Sertapedic. We are going to review the last two mattresses the Sertapedic and iComfort.


The Sertapedic mattresses are either in spring or memory foam mattresses. For the in spring mattresses they have steel coils that are incorporated in Serta’s system called the VertiCoil system. This feature is able to give more surface coverage than other spring systems. The spring system is one of the most durable in the market. The other option of the Sertapedic is the memory foam mattresses. The memory foam mattress is used because it conforms to the body structure and remembers it so that when you sleep on the bed again you fit right in. They are made of memory foam incorporated with gel to make them more comfy. The mattresses are also infused with the cool twist memory gel which helps to conform to the body structure ensuring that you don’t get back pains. The mattresses are made with a StabL-Base double beam which forms the base of the mattress. This makes the mattress more stable and firm. You can buy mattress online, or in a store.

The iComfort mattresses are the other brand available in the Serta mattresses. This category is the most advanced of the Serta Brand. Recently it has been upgraded with the “Everfeel Triple Effects Gel memory foam” which increases the effects of the gel three times more. You can imagine the comfort on that. The mattresses are also able to regulate body temperature and also the mattress is easily controlled by the adjustable base system. The mattresses are also now available in hybrid constructions. The hybrid models have both the inner spring system and also gel memory foam in the same bed. The hybrid system is coupled with the memory coil system. This helps remember your sleeping positions making the bed comfortable for you just as a memory foam mattress would do. The iComfort brand boasts of having the latest advancements in memory foam technology. Buy the best memory foam mattress topper you can find.

All Serta mattresses come with fire proof materials which make the safe. The beds also have warranty of up to 10 years of a limited lifetime warranty which you can use to enjoy the products without holding back whatsoever. Both the Serta iComfort and Sertapedic offer cheap mattress sets, very good comfort and durability to the user. It is no wonder then why the Serta Mattress brands are the among the best out there.


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